Tuesday, July 14, 2009

C10 soda/salt clay tests

Here are some fire clay,ball clay and kaolin tests I did when I started soda/salt firing in the 90's.Here's the Url if you want to check which clays are in these photos:

Yesterday started slowly. I wasn't feeling great and am still dealing with some little bug; but I did perk up enough after a lot of vitamins, to get in the garden to plant a couple of things, pull a few weeds and pick some more plum tomatoes for tonight's bruschetta. I also made two loaves of zucchini bread.

I'm heading out to Linda McFarling's after lunch. She's firing the salt kiln today and I wanted to check out Joy Tanner's firing notes on Linda's soda kiln. Linda and I have the same basic soda kiln, designed and built by Shane Mickey. It's been fired more than my kiln and Joy has been able to get it to fire evenly, so I want to check out the bag wall and Joy's firing notes.

Hopefully, by tomorrow I'll be feeling better and be able to get into the studio. I'm getting a bit antsy right now about getting back to work. This time of year,with the garden and processing veggies, the most time I can usually get is a few hours in the afternoon. Gone are the days when my energy was higher and I could get back in the studio after dinner and work till after 11pm.

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