Monday, July 13, 2009

C6ox test tiles

This is the last C6 ox group from my web site. Recipes are there, just follow the links:

The sun is out after a heavy rain during the night; but my swollen glands, scratchy throat and general ennui are going to keep me in the house most of the day popping vitamins, cooking and doing my impression of a couch potato. I'll try to get out to the garden just to harvest any new squash (it's like the energizer bunny - it never stops producing!), and whatever tomatoes might be ripe. The larger ones are just starting to ripen; but chico paste plum tomatoes have been coming in for a week. I think I probably have enough to make a small batch of bruschetta for lunch instead of our usual 12 almond lunch.

Making the leg of lamb dinner and processing squash for the freezer took up most of my time yesterday afternoon. Jim bought me one of those Food Saver machines yesterday and it took me a while to read all those instructions and get it working; but it does work well. I didn't make the chocolate granitas since no local grocery stores had the bittersweet chocolate, nor did I have the time and energy to make the zucchini bread. Tonight I'm doing my simple linguini with broccoli and garlic, anchovy sauce. All that garlic might help get rid of whatever bug has taken up residence in this body.


  1. That recipe sound good except for the anchovie sauce.

    I'm now officially on Vacation :)

  2. Anchovies are a love em or hate em food! LOL
    Enjoy your vacation. I've been on vacation for a month now (only vacation from making pots). That's soon to change though.