Tuesday, July 28, 2009

C10R test tiles group 5

This is the last group of cone 10 R test tiles. Names and recipes are available at my web page:

We had a real frog strangler downpour last night, so I don't know if our painter is going to be staining the porch and deck today.

I have to get to a hardware store and get a set of Allen wrenches so I can get the oil changed in my pug mill and get it working. Why is it you always have the wrong size! I'm going to buy a whole set today and guard it with my life, since these things tend to go walkies!

Since I'll be out doing various shopping, I'm going to stop by the gem show in Spruce Pine. They have dealers from all over the country with about every type of crystal, rock, gem and rock hounding tools you can think of. I need to pick up another set of diamond bits that I use to grind that nasty soda drips on the pots.

I took Bonnie and her new toys into the studio with me yesterday but her favorite toy wound up being a rubber band she swiped off my desk while I was doing a few hours of paper work. Around 2 o'clock I decided I had had enough of paper sorting and filing, did a few more studio chores and called it a day and started on some dinner prep.

The squash saga continues. I picked even more yesterday and of course, we had squash again last night. This time I used the summer squash, sliced and sauteed with some diced green pepper, red onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh herbs (basil, oregano, Italian parsley). Jim loved it - so happy I'm finding ways to cook it that he'll actually eat. There's more I have to process for the freezer this afternoon, which I'll use in soups this winter.

I also found an interesting recipe for Lebanese stuffed squash, that's a bit complicated with having to core out most of the squash. I think I can use the same recipe and just cut the squash in half, dig out the center, stuff it and then add the tomato, mint, lemon sauce, in the bottom of the pan and bake it instead of cooking in on the stove top, which is this recipes traditional way. The vegetarian version is stuffed with a mixture garbanzo beans, rice, mint, etc,etc. and I think it will make a nice, light, vegetarian meal along with some cornbread.

Time to hit the shower and think about breakfast.


  1. How about squashed out of your mind!!!! LOLHRD :)

  2. The squash Sag continues, Will june ever create more recipes for this wonderful veggie for her hubby, and will bonnie kitty have squash as a toy?? stay tuned for more on.... As the Suqash turns...LOL. Sorry i couldn't help that. LOL

  3. No squash toys; but I did buy a remote control mouse for her yesterday at Walmart. I think it's a toy for both of us. :-)

  4. cool . my mouse has a laser tha i bought at ACME precious loves to chase the light until she tires out. I have to keep her from eating so fast she has a habit of doing that then she chunks it up.And you know what happens to my rugs, YUCK!! :(