Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pizza night

Last night was pizza night. I tried a new healthier, no preservatives, pepperoni but Jim felt it didn't have much flavor. I guess all that MSG and nitrates in the regular pepperoni give it it's unique flavor. :-(

This flu bug has gotten worse and I'm taking tons of Vitamin C, nutribiotics,and other assorted vitamins, herbs and homeopathic flu medicine. I'm not a happy camper. There are so many things on my "to do" list, and there's no way I can do anything but some computer clean up and sleep.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! It's no fun to have the flu!

    That pizza looks delicious.

  2. Good looking pie, I can almost smell it.
    Get better soon.

  3. Thanks Judy and Ron. Pizza was delicious (used your recipe Ron with the rye flour; but subbing high gluten flour for the bread flour). The Buffalo mozzarella was really nice; but I don't think it's that much different to warrant the high cost; but I had to try it just once.