Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cone 10 R test tiles group 3

You can find the names and recipes for these cone 10 reduction fired test tiles here. This link should take you directly to that page.

Still feeling draggy but had a lot of fun porch sitting with good friends last night. Today I'm going to try to get in the garden for a short while to plant a few little things. I saw that my newly planted corn seedlings are up around 4 or 5", but it looks like some critter bent the one and only corn stalk from the first planting, that had an ear of corn on it, so my one corn may have been a nice snack or meal for the raccoon or deer who came by last night.

I've got someone coming out to do some handyman work Monday or Tuesday and I'm going to have him look at my clay mixer. I'm going to try one more time to see if I can find the elusive manual before he comes. It's not in the folder where I keep all studio machinery and tool manuals, so I'm just going to have to dig deeper.

There are some household repairs that take top priority, so I'm hoping he'll get those done quickly so he can at least take a look at the mixer and maybe get the old oil out of my pugmill and get new oils in and get it working so when I get done with the flu bug, I can get in there and start throwing.

Time for another handful of vitamins, then head for the garden with kitty so she can play while I get a few small seedlings planted.


  1. how are you making out with bonnie? is she like my cat a big alarm clock?...LOL

  2. That top, far right lavender test tile is beautiful and I like the second row left, hope you're feeling better. Porch sitting is great.

  3. By 6am or sooner, she's meowing. Fortunately, I'm usually up already.

  4. That whole group is pretty nice. I don't think there's a bad one in there. I think I'll try to find time to test some of those in my next soda firing.

  5. Please let me know if there is a way to still link to the cone 10 glaze recipes. I tried but it looks like the information is no longer there. Thank you!