Thursday, July 02, 2009

My old Japanese style studio

This was my studio when I lived in California. I designed it in the Japanese style, even with a tokonoma. This is the throwing and display room and the other half of the studio was for raw material storage, glazing, etc. There was a large kiln pad at the back for my wood, and 2 gas kilns. The wheels are hidden, down in those cubicles on the right. I had tops made to cover the openings so that during sales they would provide more display areas. The back door top was an oak branch from one of our oak trees that I had carpenter cut to fir the frame and the handle of the door was a piece of mesquite. The studio started out as a 3 car garage which I converted into this lovely work space.

This morning I just did some computer work, cleaning up some old photos,since we have an appointment at the vets for our kitty, Bonnie's, first rabies shot. She is not going to be happy to be sitting in a crate for the half hour drive and probably less happy with the shot; but there's a whole world outside for her to explore once she gets this shot. It's going to be fun watching her reaction to that world!

By the time we get back it will be time for lunch and then I'll probably try to get the rest of the basil and tomatoes and maybe even a few more things planted. The studio will have to wait till tomorrow.

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