Saturday, July 11, 2009

Potatoes drying

I've been doing some heavy duty gardening this week. Here are some of my early planted potatoes - Kennebecs and Red Pontiacs, that I dug the other day. There are more of these as well as Yukon Golds to dig up in the next month or so, since I staggered my planting according to the moon signs recommended in the Farmers Almanac. A bunch of volunteers also came up late. It will be interesting to see if there's a difference in the amount of potatoes I'm getting from those and the ones I planted in March and April.
Yesterday was an all day food and other shopping trip to Asheville. I got some new kitchen tools at the restaurant supply store (love those places!), and found some Canadian bacon at Earth Fare. So, this morning I'm making Jim one of his favorite dishes - Eggs Benedict. I also got a lot of goodies at the Asian grocery store and a few items at Sams Club. A nice lunch at the Thai restaurant and then the drive home pretty much took all day.
We were both sore from all the gardening the day before, so this shopping day gave us a bit of time to rest all our sore muscles. I didn't have to cook last night. Earth Fare provided the sushi and I provided the cold sake for me and Chardonnay for Jim.
It looks like we may be getting rain, so I don't know if I'll get any planting in this afternoon. If not, then I'll get in the studio; but I'm really hoping that I can get most of these small annual veggies and flowers planted today; but first there's breakfast to make. After breakfast I've got cornbread to bake for tonight's leftover bean dinner.

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