Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Here's a picture of my studio. What looks like a garage is actually my kiln room which doubles as a garage.
A strong, all day headache kept me out of the studio yesterday, but I did manage to get to tweak a bunch of glazes on my glaze chemistry software and get a lot of other paperwork done. Couch potatoes can be productive.
This morning I'm tackling the paper pile here in my office while I watch some of the Wimbledon tennis. After breakfast I'll either get some planting done, or head to the studio for a few hours and do the things I had planned doing yesterday - check the mixer for signs of life and see if I can figure out how to get the Bluebird de-airing pug mill up and working.
This afternoon we have shopping to do in Johnson City TN and dinner at Carrabas. We love their mussels in a pernod, lemon, garlic, basil sauce -- soooo good. That, a Caesar salad and a shared dessert top the meal for us.
I need to stop at the craft store, Michael's for a few things and the Pet supermarket; and Jim wants to restock his wine cellar, so we'll make that stop as well. I'm still looking for white port for a recipe and so far, it's nowhere to be found.


  1. what kind of wines do you have?? have you ever have Blue Mountain wines??

  2. Never had those. Jim stocks a pretty varied wine cellar, strong on California Zins and Cabs, etc.

  3. Blue Mountain has a very good selection wines.