Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cone 6 ox ash and fake ash test tiles

Here are some cone 6ox ash and fake ash glazed test tiles, as well as some non ash glazes. The recipes are at my web page (just follow the links)

Woke this morning with a scratchy throat, so I'm moving a bit slower than usual. I have a whole day of cooking ahead, so this body will just have to deal with it. We're expecting thunder storms this morning, so planting will have to wait, which is just as well, since I have a lot of cooking planned for today.

After breakfast I'll start on my chocolate granitas and blanching and freezing all that summer squash; and after lunch I'll start on the early prep for the leg of lamb and garlic mashed potatoes dinner. I have leftover squash casserole so I won't have to make another vegetable; and if I have the time and energy, I'll try to make some zucchini or banana bread as well.

I've been enjoying the HGTV Sunday morning garden and landscaping shows while I read my email and Facebook, and blog - my usual Sunday morning routine. Now it's time to hit the shower, have a light breakfast and start cooking.

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