Friday, July 10, 2009

More cone 6ox test tiles

Here are some more cone 6ox test tiles. You can get the recipes from my web page:

Just follow the technical info link on the home page and it will eventually take you to the pages of cone 6ox test tiles photos and recipes.

In the next few months I'd like to re-batch some of these and fire them in a cone 6R soda firing.

Today's plan is to drive to Asheville with a first stop at a restaurant supply store that Ron Slagle recommended, for an anti fatigue mat for the studio, then on to Sam's Club,Earth Fare and Oriental grocery store, and lunch at the Thai restaurant.

We're both tired and sore from yesterday's all day gardening session. Jim spent a couple of hours yesterday and the day before just weeding the stone walkway in front of the house. I got a lot planted and pulled quite a few weeds in my 5+ hours in the garden.

I'm pretty sore this morning from having to dig in a very rocky spot on the little knoll next to my gallery. That area used to be the old parking spot and anytime I dig in a new section, I'm faced with gravel for the first 7 inches and then I hit red clay and larger cobble stones for the next few inches. In 5 years, I've gotten a lot of spots cleaned out on that knoll; but yesterday I hit a section that hadn't been done, and it took me over an hour, and probably closer to two, to plant 5 tomato plants!

One more day like yesterday and I think I should get most of the small annuals and perennials finally planted; but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

A doozie of a headache woke me at 3am and I've been up since, going through a lot of unread email. I think the Tylenol has done it's job so I'm going to see if I can get back to sleep for another hour.


  1. That's a lovely almost tangerine in the second row, thanks for sharing the recipes.

  2. That's my high alumina recipe with rutile, using a slow cool down. It's a rich, deep, orange and a really nice matt surface. There are several color variations of that base recipe on my web site.

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