Friday, July 17, 2009

C 10 soda salt test tiles

Here's the last group of Cone 10 soda/salt test tiles from my web page. You can access the names and recipes at my web page:

Tonight is our regular Friday night porch sitting with our friends Jim and Laura, so today I'll be tidying house and hopefully, making peach gelato since I didn't have enough ripe peaches to do it yesterday. The banana ice cream came out great. The secret is to use very ripe bananas. We have some Italian wine,an assortment of imported Italian cold cuts and sausage,hot cherry peppers stuffed with prosciutto,marinated artichoke hearts,Italian cheese,Italian cookies and bean bruschetta, etc.etc. on the menu, with banana ice cream or better yet, the peach gelato,if enough of the peaches are ripe enough to make it this morning.

It's raining, with more rain and thunder showers expected throughout the day and night, so there won't be any gardening today.

I did get out yesterday to pull a few weeds, pick more summer squash and spray the newly sprouted bush beans and corn with the rotten egg, cayenne mixture that is supposed to keep the deer and bunnies away; but I think it's the crows that got the corn last time since the whole seedling was pulled out. Hope they'll avoid the corn because of the spray. My plan is to put down some remay cloth over those corn seedlings as soon as the weather permits; and leave it there until the corn is big enough that they can't pull it out.


  1. If you keep posting menus like this your porch may be more crowded than you planned.

  2. That's why I don't post my address. :-)

  3. how did you make the banana ice cream???

  4. Just google "banana ice cream" or "banana gelato" and you'll find a lot of recipes.
    The secret is to use very ripe bananas which makes a very sweet ice cream. You can also just peel bananas, freeze them, and then run them through a juicer and you get a very healthy ice cream without the cream, extra sugar or eggs.