Monday, July 27, 2009

Cone 10R test tiles #4

Here's another group of cone 10 reduction test tiles. Names and recipes are on my web page:

This morning I have a handyman coming early to do some work but later I'm heading for the studio with Bonnie, kitty, and her toys. The first thing I need to do is tear the studio apart to find my clay mixer manual. If I can't find it, I'll have to call Soldner and get a new one. I've already checked their web site and nada, so my morning is going to be spent going through piles of folders and papers and hoping that I just misfiled it.

We're expecting rain, so I doubt if I'll get in any garden time; but there's plenty to do in the studio today - find that manual, take the pug mill apart and change the oils,and do some more organizing to make sure it's safe for Bonnie.

If my energy holds, I'll work till 4 and then come in and get started on dinner which is simple broiled salmon, baked potatoes and guess what vegetable - squash of course! LOL


  1. what you say june feeling a bit squashed??? LOL