Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cone 10 soda test tiles

Here's a group of soda test tiles from my web page. For names and recipes, go to:

If you double click this photo, it will bring up a larger version.

Yesterday I visited Linda McFarling who was firing her salt kiln as part of a two week class she is giving at her studio. There was lots of activity at the studio with Shane Mickey delivering a load of bricks and Lindas students busy at work.

I arrived just about the time they were starting to salt. We chatted about glazes and I got to see some of her new glaze tests - some really lovely glazes. One was the Sam Chung green with 3% copper carb (the recipe is in John Britt's wonderful Cone 10 glaze book). When things quiet down we want to get together and spend more time comparing glazes and doing some serious porch sitting with some wine or margaritas.

My main reason for the visit was to look at Joy Tanner's firing notes since she's been able to get that kiln (same cross draft design that I have)to fire pretty evenly. It took a while for me to copy the notes and now I have to spend some time making cleaner copies and try to figure out Joy's notations.

Since I've still got the bug that's slowing me down, we have a change in the weeks plan and today is now a day for a relaxed, adventure and hopefully, a nice picnic. I'll fill you in tomorrow.


  1. Hi June.

    How is your headache and sore throat. Gone, I hope. I very much do hope that you are feeling much better and do get well soon.

    You and Jim and whoever else go and enjoy your picnic. Hey!, You deserve it!

    Oh and by the way, two friends of mine wanted to send your husband Jim a message.

    The first of who is a fellow youtube user named Eric Andy, his username is ericandy88, and he write to him this,

    "I hope he is doing well & thank you for some of the fondest television memories I have from childhood. A child born in 1980 now considers him one of the best hosts of all time."

    And the second is from somebody you both might remember, a lady by the name of Laura Chambers, who was a contestant on "Sale Of The Century" all the way back in March, 1983, and she was a game show host/personality.

    She says that "How the heck are Jim and you"? LOL. and she also said that last she heard you folks were living in Oregon. She wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing? And I believe I told her about your store and blog too. Laura is my friend on the facebook program as well.

    Well just wanted to touch base and pass those messages along to you and most of all just see if you folks are ok.

    Things are great with me. Just taking care of a few of my business projects lately.

    Thank you so much June. I am sorry, I do not know what it is with me but I leave such long comments.

    Well you take care, Jim too, my good friends and I will touch base again on Saturday. Take it easy.

    Wishing you all my best,

  2. enjoy your picnic. hope it doesn't rain, i'm supposed to get 2 free ice creams on my birthday.