Monday, July 06, 2009

Butterflies love the bee balm

It's called bee balm, but I think the butterflies like it as much or even more than the bees!

I had hoped to get in the studio this morning; but I totally forgot that we had an appointment to take Bodhi to Spruce Pine for a grooming. We were out the door at 8:30am, dropped him off, then drove to Burnsville for breakfast, back to Spruce Pine to Walmart for some pick up groceries and some things from the garden center, including a new, bigger, hummingbird feeder, back to groomer to pick up Bodhi, home and unpacking groceries. Half the day gone and now I've got to start on dinner prep.

I'm trying a new summer squash casserole to go with the chicken cordon bleu. Once I get that started I'd like to fertilize my potatoes and do some weeding, if it doesn't rain again. We got a lot of rain overnight and another good shower around noon. The weeds are doing very, very well! :-(

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