Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caught in the act!

Found this when I walked into our bathroom a couple of days ago; but we soon discovered the guilty party, who teepeed our bathroom! She doesn't look a bit contrite!

We had planned to go to the Southern Highlands Craft show in Asheville today; but after a very busy week, we're just too tired to move this morning, so we've decided to just allow ourselves a quiet time, a leisurely breakfast, time to read the Sunday papers, and if we perk up later, maybe get out to do some shopping.

I had my photography class yesterday, which was really fun and so worthwhile and now I want to get out and buy some of the materials to make my own light box and get more brooding lamps and 300 watt bulbs and gray board, etc. to do my own setup. Jim wants a Red Lobster fix, so, if after a lazy morning, and if we have more energy than we do right now, we'll head over to Johnson City so I can pick up some of those items and Jim can get his Red Lobster fix.


  1. I threw out the paper and then realized I could have saved it and make some paper clay!

  2. that's happening all over my house every day with the pup