Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonnie kitty's day care center

My studio has now been turned into a kitty day care center and she loves it.
Our weather has cooled (gone from 88 yesterday to an expected 73 today with more thunderstorms), so it won't be a gardening day. I'm suspecting that some of these annuals will never get planted! The perennials are high priority right now, including the new Crape myrtle I got a couple of days ago.
Yesterday was another running around day. I got a few goodies at the rock and gem show, then headed for Walmart to get the band on my new watch made smaller, and in search for a few other things that they didn't have, and then lunch at the Spruce Pine Golf course, and Ingles for some grocery shopping. Once I got the groceries and other things put away it was time to start on chopping all the tomatoes for our light supper - bruschetta - one of my favorite summer appetizers, which we actually use as a meal.
I hoped to get to the studio after breakfast and get the clay mixer going with some reclaim that I've had soaking, and see if I can finish cleaning off my desk. There's still a great deal of sorting and filing to do; but unfortunately my desktop memory maxed out so I've been spending the last couple of hours deleting enough files to make it work properly.
After lunch I'll take Bonnie kitty and her new toy - the remote control mouse to the studio. It should work better on the concrete studio floor than it does on the tile in the master bedroom bath wing, where it keeps getting stuck in the grouted areas.
Yesterday her favorite toy was a rubber band she found on top of my desk. She got hours of amusement out of it.
The work on the pug mill has to wait until my friend Jim and his assistant come back with the right sized Allen wrench. Walmart didn't have any, which seemed odd. I'm not going to start a throwing cycle until I get it working. Fortunately there's are plenty of studio chores to do, including cleaning and stacking the kiln shelves from the last firing.
I have some leftover Salmon that I'll serve cold tonight along with some Fettucini Alfredo, for a simple dinner. It's always challenging to find quick and easy, satisfying dinners for those long work days.


  1. cute center!! i bet she has a ball there.

  2. Lots of little plastic balls.