Sunday, August 02, 2009

Perennial sunflowers blooming

These perennial sunflowers just started blooming a few days ago. In the foreground is a volunteer cat mint. The mother plant died last year and I thought I would have to buy another but mamma plant obviously sent out some seeds which took hold this spring.

We had a frog strangler thunder/lightning storm last night which caused some flooding in the basement, so Jim and I spent time mopping it into the drain and getting the dehumidifier going, which he emptied this morning. I'm going to have to go down there after breakfast and see if I need to do a bit more mopping and move some large bags of seed starter mix which got wet and hope that the bags stay intact.

I'm planning on an early roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and honey gingered carrots, so I'll be cooking this afternoon, dealing with the basement after breakfast and reading the Sunday paper in between. The ground is way to wet with the extra 2" of rain the storm dropped on it last night, so this is another "no potato digging" day. I just hope they're not rotting in the ground.


  1. June your garden is stunning! Very lovely!