Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shane Mickey Anagama vessel

Here's an exquisite anagama fired vessel by our friend Shane Mickey. We won this beauty at the Penland benefit auction for Liz Zlot Summerfield, this past weekend.

The sun came out yesterday morning, so I did a quick change of plans and decided to dig up the rest of the potatoes, collect the days harvest and do a lot of weeding. After that I was pretty well done for a few hours and just did some computer clean up work, made a few phone calls and by four o'clock I was ready to get started on the pesto sauce for dinner.

After dinner we watched one of our Netflix mystery shows, followed by the season's premiere of Top Chef, and then the finale of Master Chef. I've got to check the shows web site in the next couple of days to check out some of the winning recipes.

My upper back is sore from all that digging, so I'll stay out of the garden today and head for the studio in a bit and maybe get started on cleaning the advancer kiln shelves - a job I always put off as long as possible - usually too long. So this time, I'm going to tackle it long in advance of the next firing.

We still have one of the workers here finishing up a concrete job in the basement and we're definitely looking forward to a quiet weekend and having the house to ourselves. We still don't know if they'll be here tomorrow to start grading for the new, paved driveway. I'd be happy if they didn't come until next week to start what will be a very messy, routine interrupting project.

I was going to make pizza tonight; but Jim had a better suggestion - dinner out; and who am I to argue. :-)


  1. very nice piece. And i wouldn't argue with him on eating out..LOL I went to Red Lobster monday night and had their wonderful shrimp alfedo with scampi and the cheese biscuits are to die for!:)

  2. Yesterday's dinner plans changed 3 times! In the end, Jim went and got take out. He realized that the tennis we wanted to watch was coming back on at 7pm, so we put the leisurely dinner out off for another day and I just continued working in the studio and he got some KFC for a living room picnic.