Friday, August 14, 2009

Jim and our son Sean in Ireland

Here's a photo of Jim and our son Sean from their Ireland trip last fall. This was taken at the Cliffs of Moor.

We have another lovely foggy morning which should clear in another hour or so. I'm feeling good after our margarita madness porch sitting last night and will be heading to the studio right after our boiled egg and rugelach breakfast.

The new 5 foot folding table arrived late yesterday afternoon and I'll un-crate it and get it in place next to my spray booth. First I need to wash the walls there. One of my recently moved wheels was located there so the wall needs a good cleaning before I put the table in place. It will be nice to get more of my slip buckets under that table and free up some of my walking space near the sink. Those buckets are also blocking a cart that I need to get access to since I plan to put on some of my most used, brushed, decorating slips and glazes on it. Right now it's just too much trouble to move buckets to get to it.

I will definitely be finished with that and the wheel areas today and will start a throwing cycle tomorrow or Sunday. Will Baker uses the same clay and has a box of Moon White he can sell me, and that along with what I have will be enough to get the pug mill started. It needs 50lbs to get it going. When that's used up, I'll start using the darker, reclaim. Pugmills are not fun to clean which is why I'm using the white stoneware first, so it won't get contaminated from the iron bearing clays.

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