Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rock N' roll party time

Enjoying a lazy morning after some late afternoon partying at my friend Jim's "man cave" with his old rock n' roll band members. We munched on pizza, chicken wings and other assorted munchies along with beer and the margaritas I brought, and listened to some fine music.

After breakfast I'm going to try to get a bit of planting done, and at the same time, give kitty Bonnie Lass an outing. I just hope she stays close by, because the garden is looking more like a jungle this time of year and it will be a chore finding her if she decides to wander. Then I'll take a break, read the Sunday papers and maybe get a bit of time in the studio before we visit with Jim's sister, her daughter and son-in-law later in the afternoon.


  1. that sounded like an awesome band.

  2. Hi there June, I saw ur posts on flowers and have a question to ask, what is the best way to keep Daisies from wilting over, it seems they need a lot of water?

    Also Hope Jim is well and enjoying retirement.

  3. Shasta daisies do that this far into the season. You can buy support rings (the same ones that are used for other flowers that flop, like peonies). Walmart and just about any good sized garden center should carry them.
    We are all fine, thanks!

  4. Ur Quite welcome, thanks for the tip on the daisies, I will relay the info to my mom.

    If I didnt mention it before, I will again, That Jim was my favorite Host and Card Sharks will forever be my fav Game Show ever. Oh and I do have a copy of his book The Sleeper Awakes, great story, never knew much about Jim till I read the book.