Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Peach Crisps Home made Peach Ice Cream in Oribe bowls

This is last nights dessert - home made peach ice cream on top of a peach crisp. The small one was my portion. Jim decided he wanted a much bigger portion and regretted it afterwards - large entrees shouldn't be followed by such a big portion of rich dessert!

I never got out to do any garden work. Making the home made ice cream and the peach crisp took a lot more time than I thought and by the time I was finished, it was too hot to start in the garden. Besides that, there was thunder in the distance, so I figured it was good to stay inside and read some of my backed up snail mail. There are months worth of The Smithsonian magazines that I haven't even flipped through!

I'm enjoying a lazy morning on the computer and tending to some paper work; but this afternoon I'll try to get a little studio time. I need to get the clay mixer going and reclaim more clay and there's still more paperwork to file.


  1. Great photograph, love the exterior of the oribe pots, and would love some of that peach crisp and home made ice cream, look so good.

  2. The oribe pots are some of treasures from a couple of trips to Japan.
    Both the crisp and the ice cream came out really well. I got both recipes on the Internet.
    There's nothing like home made peach ice cream made with fresh peaches. Lucky us that we have plenty of leftovers for tonight and tomorrow.