Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shaunna Lyons

Here's a lovely earthenware bowl by Shaunna Lyons, that was donated as part of the Penland fund raiser auction for Liz Zlot Summerfield, a very talented young potter from our area. On September 1st more pots will be posted on Etsy, giving the general public a chance to bid on some lovely work by top craftspeople. I'll post the information at that time or as soon as I get it.

Yesterday wound up being a day of overseeing work crews and cooking. I finally got to make the Roasted Tomato Tuscan bisque and it was delicious - definitely worth the trouble. Plus, I had enough leftover for a bowl for lunch today and there's more in the freezer for another meal.

The cooking binge continued today - made two loaves of zucchini bread, an eggplant antipasto which has to marinate over night, and a simple marinade for tonight's London broil.

I picked a bunch of veggies today, including lots of tomatoes, a lone summer squash, basil and green pepper and what looks like the last of the pole beans. My pole beans have either stopped producing or something is eating them! The summer squash and zucchini plants are fast expiring; but boy, did they produce this year!

If I'm not too tired, after dinner I'll make some pesto, otherwise I'll do it in the morning. The basil is at it's peak and I've yet to make pesto this season, so that will be part of tomorrows dinner.

Needless to say with all this cooking, there was no time for the studio; but when the garden offers up it's abundance, the kitchen calls and the studio has to wait.

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