Thursday, August 13, 2009

Timber bamboo

Here's a timber bamboo, one of two new bamboos waiting to get planted. It will eventually get 40-50 feet tall and about 4-5", maybe more in diameter (pottery tools in a few years!).

It's a foggy mountain morning. The air is so still, it's almost meditative to sit on the porch with that first morning cup of tea.

Yesterday was one of those shopping days where the main items on your list, are not available. We drove to Asheville (a 2 1/2 round trip) mainly for clay and Meyer lemons for tonight's porch sitting with our friends Jim and Laura (our weekly ritual). Highwater was out of both of my clay choices. Seems they've been using the mixer for a lot of special clay blends recently and they won't be making Phoenix and Moon White till next week. This was a first in my 36 years of buying clay. Maybe they need a second mixer. Earth Fare didn't have the Meyer lemons, which make the best margaritas! But, we did have a nice lunch and picked up a few grocery items.

There is still another shelf to put up and a bit more organizing to do today. The low table that held my small containers of slips for hand painting, as well as extra brushes, etc. has been moved to sit between both wheels. The bottom shelf holds bats, and my intent is get most things off the table except the scale, and a couple of cups of brushes and a small sketch notebook with measurements of some of my forms. That will free up most of the table for freshly thrown pots.

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