Monday, August 17, 2009

My tools AKA the command center

I think I win the "she who dies with the most tools wins" award. Years ago I had a license plate rim on my Jeep Laredo that said "he who ties with the most toys wins". Guess my life has changed a lot since then!

Here's a picture of my newly organized wheel areas. As you can see, I am a tool junkie! Whenever I'm in a new country, the first thing places I want to check out are the local hardware and pottery supply stores!

Doesn't look like a studio day today. The morning was and still is busy with workers here. The carpet cleaners just left and someone is here doing some concrete work in the basement.

I didn't get to cook my Tuscan tomato soup yesterday so I'll do that after lunch.

We attended the benefit auction for Liz Zlot Summerfield at Penland yesterday and didn't get back until well after 4 o'clock, so we just settled on some quick pasta and frozen meatballs for dinner, a nice wine and fudgecicles for dessert.

The auction went very well. The money from yesterday, plus what they will get when more pots are posted on Etsy September 1, will give Liz more quality time with her little girl and husband as she deals with the therapy for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Liz and her family were there and when she spoke of her gratitude and what this money will do for them, it made us and everyone there, I'm sure, happy we could play a small part in this.

So many artists don't have health insurance, mainly because they can't afford it. It makes me sad to see politicians whose need for power and greed, over ride their sense compassion. I often wonder if they ever stop to think what they're doing with the gift of their life.

Jim and I came home with a few treasures - a wood fired casserole by Linda McFarling, a faceted bottle by Michael Hunt, and a huge, anagama fired vase by Shane Mickey. I was surprised that we were actually able to find space for them among all the other pots in our collection.

Time for me to make the tuna salad and harvest more tomatoes for tonight's Tuscan tomato soup.


  1. i just started planitng cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. I'm getting my first green thumb , Sweet:)

  2. I should be harvesting my first bell peppers in a few days. The cherry tomatoes are going strong and some of the earlier, larger tomatoes are starting to ripen. I don't know if my frying peppers will do anything since I planted them too late. Next year I'm going to start them very early.