Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kristen Kieffer vase

Here's a lovely vase that Kristen Kieffer donated for the Penland benefit auction Liz Zlot Summerfield.

Yesterday I threw some porcelain mugs, etc, and it greatly aggravated the injury from my fall a week or so ago, so Jim said he would sit on me to keep me out of the studio today; but I swore that I wouldn't do any throwing, which was easy to promise because just a minor cough or sneeze puts me in momentary, but severe, pain.

This morning we had Chris Boone and Keith here to finish up some stone borders before the driveway people come in to do the paving. Since I had to be out with them while they were laying the stones, I didn't get any morning studio time. After lunch I need to pick tomatoes and then I'll head for the studio to see if pots are ready for handles and trimming.

We have leftovers from last night dinner at the Inn, so I'll just have to make a veggie dish with some summer squash and tomatoes to go with my leftover rack of lamb and Jim's leftover fillet.

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