Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suze Lindsay and Jane Peiser

Here are two more wonderful pots from the Liz Zlot Summerfield's benefit auction at Penland. The tall form is by Suze Lindsay and smaller piece is Jane Pieser's.

This morning Jim and Ron Slagle are going to plant my new timber bamboo. Ron will get the new baby sprout for his garden and hopefully in a few years we'll both have the start of a nice stand of this rare, yellow and green timber bamboo. There's still the black bamboo to plant now that I've finally decided where to put it - a sloped area on the edge of the woods, in nice loose soil, with full day sun, which should be the ideal exposure and environment for it. Plus, it's an area where I don't mind it spreading - a big consideration when planting bamboo!

Yesterday wound up being a busy day with little studio time. The workers came to disassemble a couple of stone planting beds, enlarged them and created another one. The area will now make a nicer looking curve when the new driveway goes in next week.

The only studio time I got yesterday was just checking on the pots I threw two days ago, to make sure they were well covered. I'll try finish up those pots later today; but throwing is out of the question until my chest heals from that fall.

I have plenty of other, non studio things on my "to do" list, including putting the new slide scanner to work, and getting a light box made and get the photo setup done. And of course, there's always cooking, weeding, paper and computer work to do.