Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Latest batch of potatoes

Pulled some of the older potato vines and dug up the remaining potatoes. I had already gotten some of the early potatoes from these vines; but there were still enough remaining to fill my harvest basket. Then I smoothed the area and planted a package yellow wax bush beans in the their place. The bean are only 55 days to harvest so I should get another batch for the freezer by the end of September. There are another couple of rows of later planted potatoes that I'll be digging later this month or next. I also weeded and picked 4 more squash. Every year about this time I scratch my head, wondering why I've planted so much.

After breakfast I'll be heading back out to the garden to plant a few perennials and maybe get a couple of the pot bound annuals planted as well. I have to figure out what to do with the small box of peaches I bought the other day. They've ripened and have to be used. It's either going to be peach ice cream or peach cobbler or both, depending on how much energy I have left after planting.

My friend Jim and his assistant came by yesterday but couldn't stay to do some of the household pick up work or any of my studio jobs; but he promised to be back Thursday morning.

We tried an Italian primativo type wine, (around $9) and it was excellent. So he's heading back up to Banner Elk to buy a case and to replenish the tasty cakes (comfort food from our youth) that I found for him up there.

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