Saturday, August 22, 2009

Liz Zlot Summerfield box

Here's a lovely box by Liz Zlot Summerfield that was part of the Penland benefit auction for her. She's an incredible hand builder, as you can see. Her boxes are like little treasures.

Having a 5 month old kitty as a studio mate is proving to be interesting to say the least. Yesterday she learned to climb higher on the ware carts, decided the hanging brushes were a great toy, particularly when she could knock them down to the floor and roll them around. I'm afraid that once I start making pots, she is going to have to be relegated to the kitty day care center in our bathroom/laundry room area, since she finds my toys so much more interesting than her own.

Yesterday I hung some pictures, moved the last of the glaze buckets, got a lot of small stuff sorted and stored away, cleared some things off the slab roller which was covered with the grow light fixtures that I used all winter when I indoored my tropical plants in the studio, swept the floor and moved some of the bagged clay off my wedging table.

When I decided to re-organize this section of the studio, (a job I had put off for quite a while) I had no idea it would take me this long; but it's been well worth the time and effort.

After breakfast I want to get one of the timber bamboo planted, and then I'll head for the studio, with Bonnie Kitty. I want to move all the bottles of oxide washes out of the portable cart and get them on to the new shelves and put the small jars of slips that I use while throwing on to the cart so I can move it next to the wheel when throwing and move it back when I'm not. That will clear the table between both wheels for freshly thrown pots. All this reorganization is going to minimize my walking on the hard concrete which is hard on my new hip and bad knees.

Dinner tonight is the pizza I was going to make the other night, so after lunch I'll make my dough and get the toppings ready and maybe get back in the studio for another couple of hours.

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