Thursday, August 06, 2009

Going back in time. My first gas kiln.

I'm on the laptop, so I don't have access to newer photos, so here's a picture of me, going back to the mid 70's, when I built my first gas kiln in Campbellville, Ontario. It was a great little (20cu feet or so), hard brick, downdraft plan from Daniel Rhodes book. I could fire that dead even top to bottom - great kiln.

We expecting a "no rain", day, so I'm going to try to get some planting in before it warms up.

I'm also expecting some workers this morning and hope they arrive soon, so I can give them my "to do" list, and then get on with my planting. Part of my list is to get the pug mill ready to use. There's some others studio equipment that needs moving, large shelf unit that needs taking down and installed elsewhere, etc.

They have some household things to take care of as well - pick up work from a couple of earlier projects, so it may take more than one day to do everything on the list; but I am going to see if they can at least get the pug mill ready and get the treadle wheel on to Shane's truck so I can do some other studio re-arranging on my own this afternoon.

The gallery needs a quick tidying up because a visiting, fellow potter, may be in the area and stopping by today - a large variety of things on the agenda today.


  1. OMG That's a neat picture. Late or early 70's? i was born in 72.