Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday I thought I'd only work half a day; but I extended that by a couple of hours. I wanted to at least, finish getting some of the tables, wheel tools and brushes organized.
I got most of the buckets under the newly placed tables, and forgot about all those part bags (at least 20 of them), of old test and other clay bodies. Most were getting too firm, so it took a while to open bags, add more water, only to find some were leaking, so then I had to search for new bags, re wrap them, wipe off the leaks on the table, etc.
After those jobs, I spent a couple of hours drilling holes in brushes and putting string through so I could let them hang on my brush holder. It's amazing how long it takes for some of these little projects.
Most of the trim and throwing tools are now in place and sharpened and ready to go.
I'm not sure I'll get studio time today. I want to make a Tuscan tomato soup this afternoon , if I have enough tomatoes. I'm also going up to the Penland school for an auction to benefit one of our local potters Liz Zlot Summerfield. Liz's work was on the April issue of Ceramics Monthly, and a while later is was discovered that she has non Hodgkins lymphoma. Both she and her husband are craftspeople and have a little girl. Neither she nor her husband are able to work at this time. If you can help either by attending this auction please do. There have been a great outpouring of donations from many of our most noted potters. Some of the donated work will be up for auction on Etsy September 1. I'll post the URL at that time.
I'm looking forward to driving up to Penland. I haven't been up there for a while and they have a wonderful gallery and the most wonderful views of our magnificent mountains.

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