Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Kline's Etsy store opening

Here's a small sampling of Michael Kline's work. Michael's brand new Etsy shop opens today at 10am! Check out his wonderful wood and salt fired pots.

I never made it to the studio yesterday. Instead, I spent half the morning chopping veggies for a tomato based vegetable soup. I decided to make some parmesan coated garlic bread and have some of the soup for lunch and freeze the rest.

The slide copier I won on Ebay arrived, so I unpacked that and got the software installed. I'll test it out later today. The rest of the afternoon was spent on paper work and computer clean up. My back and chest are still very sore from a bad fall I took a few days ago. I should know better than to wear leather moccasins while walking on wet, grassy slopes without proper footwear. Bodhi pulled the lead and down I went hitting hard, flat on my back and I've been on 3 aspirins a day and practically bathing in a glucosamine chondroitin cream ever since.

Since we had a bigger lunch than normal we decided to put off our plans to go out to dinner till tonight, and instead I just made a little pasta to go with the leftover pesto sauce. We had a quiet evening watching the first few episodes of "I Claudius" which I was happy to find was available from Netflix.

This morning I'll hit the paper pile for a bit and then get to the studio with Bonnie after I check out Michael's new Etsy shop.

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