Monday, August 10, 2009

Foggy morning garden view

I took this photo on a foggy morning a few days ago. My garden is at it's peak right now after the abundant rain fall we've had all spring and summer.

Got some planting in yesterday morning - a rose, a couple of crocosmias and a few annuals, as well as pulling some weeds. I took kitty, Bonnie Lass out with me and we had a hard time catching her when it was time to go back in the house. I had to lure her with her squeaky mouse toy. In another month or so she'll be big enough to stay out on her own a bit more.

There was no time for the studio yesterday because of visiting with relatives; but I will get in there today at some point. First I want to check the garden and harvest what's ready. I'm making a bolognese sauce for pasta tonight and want to use my fresh tomatoes. Hopefully there are enough ripe ones ready, to add to the ones I've been saving the past few days. After that I'll get started on planting a few more things.

Aaron may be coming back to finish up some house hold projects; but first, I'd like to get him to get a few more studio shelves up so I can get all the containers and jars off the bench I used for them. That bench is now relocated between both wheels to be used to hold freshly thrown pots. If he's a no show, I'll do the shelving myself and get Jim to help me hold up the 6 footer; but I'd rather use today's studio time to finish getting all those throwing and other tools hung up and put away before I have to start dinner.

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