Saturday, May 30, 2009

kiln loaded

Busy day - got the kiln loaded and it will be on pre-heat overnight with just the pilot burner. I'm exhausted. When I win the lottery I'm getting a car kiln! This back and knees are getting too old and worn out for this much hard work!

Here are pictures of the front, middle and back stacks. I have one shelf of re-fires on the bottom, rear. For the next firing I'm going to buy a couple more advancers. I got all but one dinner plate in the kiln and could have gotten that in if I had another one more advancer. I also ran short of kiln furniture in sizes I need. Time to rent or borrow a diamond saw and cut some of these firebricks. I had to use some puny commercial posts that I covered in ITC 100. Now's the time to make my "to do, to buy, list for the next firing".

I thought I might take a day off after I loaded, but I've decided to go ahead and fire tomorrow. I have one of those camp chairs with a foot rest and drink holder and I'll just spend a lot of time sitting in the kiln room with a good book during the firing. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll be raring to go in the morning. Right now I'm hoping I can make it through this basketball game.

I'm watching the Orlando, Cleveland basketball game and if the 3rd quarter is any indication, Orlando may clinch the NBA Eastern division tonight and will be playing the Lakers for the championship.

Till later


  1. how many kiln you put in the oven a day? i bet it's more hot in there than in the kitchen wherei work.

  2. It's not very hot now. The kiln at this point is only at 395F; but it will be very hot in there later. That's when the double garage doors come in handy.