Saturday, May 23, 2009

A couple of garden shots

After a late breakfast, we headed for our local banks customer appreciation festivities and picked up more tomato plants. They had a huge selection and I was able to get a pink and red brandywine, Arkansas Traveler, and a few others to replace some the snail and slugs destroyed. I planted the brandywines and one of the beefsteaks in 3 large buckets, hoping they'll be a bit less prone to disease than they are in the garden.
After that I prepped some of the food and made the margarita mix for our Friday night porch sitting with friends and then headed for the garden when Karen arrived.
The garden is pretty well finished. All the mulching is done and it looks wonderful.We got some perennials, and miniature peach tree planted yesterday, as well as weeding and putting down about a dozen more bags of mulch. It was my helpers last day so I got out there to work with her so we could get as much done as possible. Even Jim who hates gardening came out and mulched our mini Japanese garden at the back of the house.
After our fun porch sitting, we stayed up to watch the end of the Orlando, Cleveland basketball game. It was another nail biter with Cleveland, only getting possession of the ball with one second to play, made a 3 point shot to win the game. Unbelievable!
Today will be a studio day to finish glazing those last 3 little test pots and then I'll start wadding. Sunday is a good day to transplant and plant non root crops, so I'll try to get the rest of the veggies planted between the projected thunder storms and get studio time if possible.
I should be able to get my firing in by the end of the week after I batch up a bunch of glaze tests for this firing.

Till later,


  1. Your gardens are amazing--as are you to do it all and everything else! I look forward to your blog daily! Am about to undertake the pizza quest! Gay Judson

  2. Thanks Gay. I hope you'll enjoy making pizza as much as I do. I have some leftover pizza dough in the freezer from my last batch and I'm planning on making another pizza in the next couple of days if the dough defrosts OK, which I think, it should.