Monday, May 18, 2009

New garden blooms

The rain stopped around dinner time so I was able to take a few pictures of a few of the newly blooming flowers. I started the lupines from seeds last year and this group is spectacular this year - even gifted me with some new babies. The other group I had died over the winter - probably from the fact that they were in an area that was too wet.
As forecast, it went down to 39F last night. To be safe I covered the newly planted peppers and basil with remay and took some of the tender young plants in the mudroom and I'll leave them there tonight since it's going down to 36.
The corn and Corno de toro pepper seeds sprouted so I got those in little seedling packs yesterday; but that was all the gardening for the day. There's just too much studio work to do. Hopefully I can get all the glazing and decorating done in the next two days.
After dinner we watched our Netflix movie "Taken" - a very good, fast moving,well acted, intelligent, movie. After the movie I went back to work for a bit - decorated a few pots and shut the studio down for the night and came in and did more computer cleanup while watching a basketball game with Jim.
This morning I need to feed my sourdough starters and make pizza dough for tonight. I'm going to try the high protein (high gluten) flour this time, which is what I understand is used in New York style pizzas.
Time to cook breakfast.


  1. beautiful pics of beautiful flowers, we have peonies everywhere... tons of them

  2. I love the flowers, you have done such a good job and it shows.
    I hope the flour does what you need it to do, I'n going to try it friday, maybe I can toss one in the air with the new flour.

  3. Thanks Ron! You should come over to see the garden now. My helper Karen and I are slowly getting on top of the weeds.
    The pizza turned out great with the new flour. I used your recipe and technique - just substituted the high protein/high gluten flour. We both think it's the best one I've made. I'll post a picture tomorrow.