Monday, May 25, 2009

Pizza night again

Well, the frozen pizza dough worked OK. The texture was a bit denser, but I think that's because I didn't let it get to room temperature. After it defrosted I put it in the fridge. Next time I'll take it out a half hour or so before. Jim's side is the one with all the meat and anchovies. Mine is the veggie side.

I changed yesterday's studio schedule and wound up going food shopping in the morning and wadded pots when we got back. There wasn't enough time to finish before dinner, and I was out of the smaller wads, so after dinner, I sat and watched the French Open on the computer, thanks to the Tennis channel and by the time the Lakers came on the cookie tray aka the wadding tray, was filled with enough wads to finish the rest of the pots this morning.

Loading the kiln will have to wait till Wednesday because I forgot about my doctors appointment this afternoon after I drop off a sprayer at John Britt's. He's doing a cone 6 soda firing today. I have a lot of test tiles in that firing, so I can't wait to see the results!

The only garden time I got yesterday was to harvest some asparagus,pull a couple of weeds, and search out some slugs and snails hiding under the straw mulch around my cabbage family plants. They are now in snail, slug, heaven - hope they don't have many friends, at least not around my veggies and flowers.

Till later,


  1. that's the one thing nobody needs in their garden slugs and snails. my area it's racoons and snakes. i hate snakes

  2. the pizza looks good put not an anchovie& olive fan.

  3. We have snakes and racoons; but I haven't seen a snake since we lost our cat Shino. She was always catching them and carrying them into my studio and sometimes they were still alive! Yikes!