Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pizza success!

Here's a pizza that came out really well, taste wise. The crust was lovely. I have to work on getting the shape right, though.

I used Ron Slagle's wonderful crust recipe and technique. There's enough dough left for at least one more large pizza which we'll probably have tomorrow night. Tonight it's pork chops with a cream and sherry reduction sauce. Here's the URL for Ron's recipe on his blog if anyone cares to try it:

Yesterday was spent dipping and decorating pots in between pizza making. After dinner I got back in the studio to dip a few more pots and then watched a Netflix movie "Rachel's Wedding", that's been sitting here for two weeks. The movie is a bit strange, pretty much a downer, but has some powerful acting.

Looks like this rainy weather is going to last till Sunday, so the garden will have to wait, which is just as well, because getting these pots ready for bisquing is probably going to take me the rest of the week.

If we get a break in the rain, I'm going to try to take a short walk and see if any morels have shown up. I haven't found one yet this year and I know it's the season. We did find one large tan mushroom off our back deck, so if I look further afield I might find some of those elusive morels.

Till later,


  1. i think it probably tastes better if the shape is just like it is in the pic

  2. It tasted really good. I put mushrooms, green pepper, and shallots on it, plus extra cheese and herbs; and they're fun to make and a lot better tasting than frozen pizzas or anything available in nearby restaurants!
    Next one I'll put some pepperoni on for him; and stick to the same veggies, plus some black olive slices on my side.

  3. I can't get it right... I keep trying to make pizza from scratch or with fresh dough and I end up crying and serving the cripola to my family in tears... I finally broke down and bought the pre-made crust...

  4. ALL Right you go girl keep up the pizza making You might have your own shop LOL. I never saw the movie i just might rent it next week. tonight i saw The bucket List at first it was funny then it really sad after wards.

  5. Judi, try Ron Slagle's recipe. It worked great for me. I posted the URL for the recipe on his blog, in this post.

  6. Bucket List is a very good movie. I watched "Australia" last night. It was enjoyable but was more like a mini series than a movie.