Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here's last nights pizza. Using the high protein (high gluten) flour, made a really light, lovely crust, better I think than the bread flour I used on other pizzas. I also made the dough a hair wetter than I have before.
By the end of the day I was way too tired to start the sourdough bread; so I decided to shift tonights menu from gumbo to salad and cheese fondue, and I'll probably start my bread tonight.
Yesterdays plan to glaze pots went kaput when my helper didn't arrive, as expected, in the morning. Since I didn't know if she was going to show or not,I decided to taking advantage of the great weather and work on weeding. I also dug up a lot of penstemon, cosmos and calendula volunteers and either transplanted them or got them temporarily into pots to decide later where to put them or share them.
Karen arrived around 12:30 so I had her plant a few packs of purple petunias and continue with the weeding. I took a break around 1:30 to make us all green smoothies for lunch and get my pizza toppings ready, then continued weeding till 5 and then came in to make the pizza and margaritas.
Karen starts a full time job on Monday, managing a new, take and bake pizza place that's opening in Spruce Pine in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping the weather holds enough so she can get on top of this weeding the rest of the week, because I MUST get back into the studio and finish these pots so I can get the kiln fired some time next week.
Today I'll be mixing Temmoku and Oribe glazes and continue glazing pots. Most of the day will be spent sitting down, painting with glaze, which is a good thing, since I'm quite sore and tired, even after a good nights sleep, from all that garden work.
Before I went to bed I brought a lot of plants into the mudroom and kitchen for the night. We had some frost on the roof this morning, but the plants in the garden don't look like they got any damage. I'm going to keep them in till tomorrow since we're expecting another night in the 30's.
Jim cleaned out the gazebo yesterday, and got all the outdoor furniture back in there - a tiring job. After breakfast this morning he's going to make a Walmart run to fill the car with 12 more bags of mulch for Karen to use today.
With all the garden and studio work we're doing and planning in the next couple of weeks, we should have everything looking pretty good for the TRAC tour the second weekend in June.

Till later,


  1. Stop Your making me hungry lady!!! LOL

  2. Those flowers you have in the last post what was the first big pinkish daisy like flower that one is very pretty . I'ts nice to have a helper to help out when one person can't do allot of things like me i help my ex-fiance with his private duty nursing care. I'm the Driver only on Tuesdays and Wed. on my days off. the rest of the 5 days i'm at the dining hall serving the air force.

  3. I love green smoothies :) Yum :)

    Have a great week!

  4. Having a helper has been great. It's enabled me to get this garden back in shape. It had gotten very out of hand last year when I had to have hip replacement surgery and couldn't do any gardening for months. Now it's at a stage that I'll be able to maintain it, without any help, as soon as I get this firing out of the way.

  5. This time of year I make green smoothies for lunch most days. I use fresh pineapple, kale, banana, frozen strawberries and a little bit of juice - either black cherry, or mango peach when I can get it.