Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pots ready to slip and decorate

Yesterday I enjoyed my lazy Sunday morning and spent the afternoon in the studio.I got all the pots out from under plastic and on to the slab roller. I found a couple that needed trimming, finishing and waxing; besides these on the slab roller,there are more pots on a ware cart that have already been slipped and decorated.

I have a few slips to mix later this morning and then I can get on with dipping and decorating. Hopefully they'll be dry enough by the end of the week to do the first of the two bisque firings I need to fill the soda kiln. There are also a couple of refires to go in the soda kiln if there's room.

Check out MIchael Klines blog today. He has some wonderful new bird mugs in progress. I want one!

Till later,

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