Friday, May 01, 2009

Lilacs blooming

This is the first year I've gotten blooms on my two lilacs. Last year someone (deer I'm sure) ate the blossoms before they opened; but this year we finally got our first flowers.

We decided to skip the Herb Fest in Asheville this morning due to the forecast of rain and thundershowers. Lord knows I have way too much to plant already and don't need any plant temptations. Instead we'll get over to one of the big nurseries in Asheville next week in search of the one or two items I need to get. Maybe by then I'll have a lot of these other plants planted.

I think my black bamboo, which was in a pot, died over the winter, so I need to get a variety for our zone. I took at chance with a zone 7 bamboo (we're zone 6b) and thought it might be OK since it was so close to the house; but that doesn't seem to have worked.

Today is another studio day. I got a couple of slabs cut for a sushi dish and base for a tray and will roll out a bit more this morning. All but one pot got trimmed so I'll get to that this morning, finish assembling a couple of pots and maybe get time to start slipping before dinner. I tried using pelon instead of canvas to roll out the clay and it does give a smoother surface than the canvas. My Bailey slab roller is huge and I never make slabs that wide, so in a way it was a useless expenditure; but it does work as a great work and catch all table! LOL

The trimming of just a few pots is taking forever because of the sticky soft, reclaim clay which is making me have to throw thickly and then having to trim a lot. I hate this but I'm determined to use up all this clay.

Tonight I get a rest from the kitchen. The Inn at Little Switzerland is now open and we're heading there tonight for their seafood buffet which is always a treat.

Till later,


  1. i love lilacs... my grandma had them in our back yard when i was growing up and whenever i smell them, i'm transported back... unfortunately i had to dig mine up last year to extend my studio. maybe i should plant more?

  2. I would! In fact, I think that they have varieties now that bloom more than once. You might want to check out the various varieties on the market. Next year I may get some other colors, like pink and white so that in a few years I can have some wonderful bouquets.

  3. OMG I need to get some Lilacs for my home. they smell so wonderful. And as for sea food buffet I need to get to the nearest Red Lobster. LOL