Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pots in progress

Here are some of the pots I got dipped yesterday. Some are decorated already, others just dipped in slip that I need to decorate today. There's another couple of days of work ahead to complete this phase. Hopefully by the time I'm done the first pots will be dry enough to get in the first bisque.

I'm dragging a bit this morning from a bit of stomach upset, getting to bed after 1 am because of getting the new lap top set up and having to deal with the fact that the new laptop which arrived yesterday afternoon, is missing some of the programs and services I signed up for with the original order. So I had to go through both lists and write the person who took the latest order. They also sent me a back up battery which I never ordered, since I doubt if I would ever use a 9 lb laptop as a portable computer and would not have any use for a second battery.

I'm uploading software to this new laptop before I head to the studio. I thought I'd get in at least 6 hours work until I have to make dinner, but with Jim out to the dentist, and dealing with our rescue dog who is terrified of rain and thunder, I guess I'll have to wait till Jim gets back or the rain and thunder stop, before I can get to the studio. Dinner is pizza again and it should be easy since the dough is already prepped, so I just have to cut up the toppings.

Yesterday I took a quick stroll around some of the property but no morels to be found. Tomorrow morning I have a helper coming who can get some of the berry bushes, elderberry and boysenberry bushes, etc. planted They've been sitting in temporary pots, are sprouted and desperately need to get in roomier quarters.

By the weekend I should be able to get some garden time to plant the rest of my veggie starters and do some weeding and mulching. The weed seeds are just loving all this rain! :-(

Till later,


  1. This rain Sucks. :( but it helps my plants though. And the work your doing looks great when can i have one??? LOL my birthday is in July. Australia i haven't seen yet but looking forward to see another Hue jackman movie i love his work. And nicole kidman is great to.I just got done watching areallyfunnymovie called "Bride Wars" , i almost fell on the floor.

  2. nice looking pots... looking forward to fired pics

  3. Thanks Jim. I keep getting distracted from finishing the pots. Today we had the first non rainy day in a couple of weeks it seems, so I got out with my helper and did a lot of weeding and planting, made bread and only got a peek into the studio. Hopefully I can get the decorating finished by early next week.

  4. I'll have to put Bride Wars on my Netflix list. Tonight we're watching "Frost Nixon" which Jim is eager to see; and another night I have "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to watch.