Saturday, May 02, 2009

White bleeding heart

There are so many white flowers blooming in my garden - these white bleeding hearts, aquilegia, perennial baby's breath,lily of the valley,brunnera, candytuft,tiarella, and dogwoods everywhere. I soooo love spring!

Got an email from Dell that my replacement laptop has been shipped, so that should be here next week. Yeah!!!

Today will be another studio day but stopping around 4 o'clock to get ready to meet friends for an early dinner at the Mexican restaurant and then on to the Montessori wine and dessert fundraising auction.

I got to finish some pots yesterday and threw a small planter for my bathroom. It's rare for me to make anything for myself; but the past couple of firings I've started to pull one pot out to keep, that's not a second.

There are a couple of more pots to finish this morning and one more slab to roll out. Then I want to get all the pots to be slipped back on the slab roller and separate them according to what flashing slips, glazes, liners I want to use. I may have to wait till tomorrow to start slipping and decorating; but I'm on schedule as long as I don't get distracted by the garden. With all the rain expected, that's not likely to happen.

Time to make Jim some poached eggs, oatmeal for me and on to the studio.

Till later,


  1. this rain maybe good for the plants, but it's killing me . LOL! do you know any good plant web sites?? hope you have a good time at the fundraiser. :)

  2. I don't have any particular favorites. Just google what you're interested in and you'll have more sites to explore than you ever thought could exist! :-)