Tuesday, May 12, 2009

deer interlopers

Here's a picture of one of the two deer who were eyeing my new planting area outside our bedroom.

The gumbo came out great but it's a long prep and cook time, so I didn't get in much studio time.

I got a few pots dipped after dinner, finished loading the bisque kiln and fired it overnight. If it's not too hot in there later this morning I'll dip and decorate the remaining pots for the next load.

After breakfast I have to get on the phone with Dell and straighten out my laptop order which they messed up.

Then I'll get my garden helper, Karen started on the garden list for the morning. The day lilies I dug up to divide need to replanted at the bottom of the driveway and we have to do more mulching the already planted vegetables. If it's too hot in the studio, I might set up the bean A frame and plant a few of the veggies on the knoll next to my gallery. Karen got that area weeded the other day so I can get the whole thing planted in less than a half an hour. I'll wait a couple of days before planting the beans though. The soil is pretty wet and cold at the moment.

Till later,


  1. Yumm, Gumbo. Speaking of which, we just went to "The Gumbo Queen" for the first time, on Mother's Day, and it was delish. Have you been? I can't wait to get over to see you and you pottery garden!

  2. The first gumbo we got from her was excellent; but the second one was dreadful. There was no flavor and it tasted like she didn't have time to make the roux properly and just added some flour to thicken it. The flavor was raw flour and nothing else. I had to doctor it a lot before we could eat it. :-( After that I just decided to go back to making my own.
    I'm glad to hear that she's back on track. Seems like she just had a bad day.
    I thought you might be too tired to fire the kiln the day after the party. Oh, to be young and still have all that energy! Can't wait to see the pots!