Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy, do we have irises!

Here are some of the other irises currently in bloom. There are other bluish and purple ones blooming as well. It's a shame most of them give this one, spring, burst of color.

Yesterday came and went so fast. I didn't get on the phone with Dell, and I don't think I'll be able to do that this morning since I'd like to get an earlier start in the studio. I didn't get to bed till around 2am - just couldn't go to sleep, so I sorted some seeds and got the next batch of seeds and markers ready to go.

I got the rest of the pots slipped yesterday and this morning I'll continue cleaning them up and finish decorating. The bisque will be ready to unload this morning and I might be able re-load and fire it again overnight. Tonight is Clay Club meeting so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get as much done as I hope since I have to stop early and make some guacamole for our Mexican food theme for tonight's meeting.

Once I got all the pots slipped, I headed for the garden. I got the A frames up for the beans, dug up and transplanted some perennials and got two mounds made and planted with summer squash. Karen got a lot of mulching and weeding done and the dug up daylilies finally got replanted in a new bed she dug on the edge of the driveway.

If I get the pots finished, I'll take a bit of time after lunch to transplant the zucchini,basil and sweet peppers and plant some root crops. It's the last day for a while (according to the Farmers Almanac) to plant root crops so I'll definitely plant a row of carrots and maybe some parsnips. I still have potato seeds that I saved from last year, to plant but I've planted enough potatoes already, so if I don't get these planted it's not a problem. I'll just cook them! :-)

Till later,

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  1. i went to wal mart and i saw some tomatoe plants for $1 and i'm getting them on friday.

    My brother's school is selling little ceasers pizza kits for 18.00 and they also sell salad dressing kits and cookie kits tooi think they have a web site too.