Friday, May 08, 2009

Caged tomatoes

Here are some of the tomatoes I planted two days ago. I'm hoping for another sunny day to get the rest of them, as well as the other starter veggies and flowers planted. All the tomato cages are use so I'll have to use poles for the rest of them.

I'm glad I didn't plant carrots yet because all this rain would have probably washed away the seed; but as soon as I can will plant and cover the row with some boards

Yesterday, before breakfast and before the rain, I weeded one of the terraces and a couple of other spots. There was a period late morning when the rain stopped, but I resisted the lure of the ever beckoning garden, and continued dipping and decorating pots. There was grocery shopping to do later, and an early dinner out, so I could only work till 3:30.

Today will be a full studio day. I should be able to finish dipping the rest of the pots (mostly plates and low, wide, serving bowls) and get some decorated. I'm hoping by tomorrow I should be able to load the first of the two bisque loads I need to fill the soda kiln. Pots are taking a long time to dry in this constant wet weather.

Michael Kline is having his party tonight to celebrate the opening of his new studio. I can't wait to see it!

Till later,


  1. have fun at the new studio opening... wish i could go

  2. I'll try to remember to take my camera and post a picture tomorrow.

  3. wow Mike kline he is the most fantastic artist alive!!! & Good luck with the tomato plants.