Friday, May 15, 2009

Bisque done another one going

Finally got everything decorated yesterday, unloaded the first bisque and loaded the second one and got it started at 6 am this morning. I was in the studio till around 9 last night and wound up staying up past midnight watching the Lakers. The least they could have done was win. Now they have to go to a 7th game.

We had thunderstorms going through last night, so I held off firing till this morning. More storms are expected this afternoon, but at least I'll be awake in case there's a power failure.

There are liner and accent glazes that haven't been used since last November that have to be mixed today. This should be fun, not! :-( I'm hoping I can get enough done before the studio gets too hot from the bisque kiln.

Every morning, I check the garden for new blooms. What's blooming this morning are a yellow and white Siberian Iris, the first roses (2 knockouts are blooming), perennial geraniums (just starting to bloom) and flax. It also looks like the first peony is going to open today or tomorrow. The variegated weigelia is also blooming. It's is such a beautiful shrub. I took some pictures of today's flowers and will post them tomorrow.

It was drizzling at 6am, so I don't think there's any chance of me or my helper getting in any garden time today. The only gardening I did yesterday was to get some corn and corno de toro (great frying peppers) seeds on wet hand towel paper to start sprouting; and some old Chico paste tomato seeds soaking. The first Chico pastes that I planted didn't sprout and these are old seeds, so I dumped the rest of the seeds in water and I'll be happy is just one sprouts so I can get more seeds saved this year.

Check out Michael Kline's blog. He's posted pictures of this weekends' firing and there are some great pot pictures there!

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  1. lots of work almost done... saw michael's pots, they're nice