Saturday, May 16, 2009

Variegated Weigelia blooming

Here's a shot of the variegated weigelia in bloom. This is it's third year and it's coming along nicely. I just love the contrast of the variegated leaves against the delicate pink flowers.

I got the second bisque fired yesterday. It was a little worrisome when the thunder started; but fortunately we got through without a power outage.

It was too hot in the studio with the kiln on, so Karin and I did a bit of weeding before the thunder reminded me that it wasn't a good idea to be out there with a metal weeding tools in our hands during a thunder storm.

We had our Friday porch sitting with our good friends Jim and Laura and after we finished off 3 bottles of wine, I'm a bit foggy this morning.

Jim will be going to Walmart after breakfast for more mulch. Karen will be back to continue weeding and mulching and I'll be in the studio glazing. We still have all the planting beds in the front of the house to weed and mulch but the flower beds in front of my studio are done and all the vegetable terraces are done.

I picked a few more strawberries this morning when I took Bodhi for his morning walk. I didn't check the flower beds, other than a quick peek out the kitchen window; and it looks like the first peony is opening. Maybe I'll get a better look later.


  1. i have never seen that type of flower before they look beautiful. What did you think of the Hell's Kitchen finale?

  2. I didn't see it. Between the studio and garden, cooking, blogging and trying to catch up on Netflix movies and the NBA finals there just isn't enough time for much more TV.