Sunday, May 03, 2009

Saggar fired dish - June Perry

Here's a cone 10 saggar fired pot I made in the early 80's. It got great flashing from the copper mixed in with the sawdust and other organics.

Finally finished all but one pot. Got a slab platter made that will need to be dealt with today but everything else is thrown, trimmed and waxed, so later, if I feel perkier, I'll get all the pots out from under the plastic and sort them according to the slips I'll be using on them, and maybe start mixing some of the flashing and decorating slips so I can start decorating later today or tomorrow.

Yesterday I finished up the trimming and waxing and got a did a good sweeping of the studio. The floor was a mess where I had tropical plants living all winter. I got my wheel area and tools all cleaned and finished in time to get ready to meet friends for a Mexican dinner and then on to the Montessori fundraiser auction, which is always fun.

I didn't get anything even though I tried to bid on a custom dinner set by Shane Mickey. Two people were bidding and I was holding back till they were losing steam and the auctioneer never looked in my direction to see me holding my card high up and waving to bid - not good auction practice to not check the whole room for any late bidders! He just assumed that only two people were interested. :-( Needless to say, the dinner set sold way too low for it's worth and the school lost some money.

Several friends have children in the school, so it's always a good time to touch base with them. I got to talk to Mark Peters about making me some signs for the pottery which I desperately need. His teaching stint is over for this semester so he has free time now.

Time to make some breakfast,enjoy a lazy morning and read the Sunday papers before getting to the studio.

Till later,


  1. What a pleasant surprise to see one your beautiful plates posted today.

  2. lovely bit of saggar firing june..

  3. A work of Art.

    Sorry about the auction. They should not have ignored you.

  4. Thank you all. I enjoyed making these and wish I had kept at least one of them; but I only kept a couple of pictures. Maybe one of these days I'll make more.