Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cone packs

Yesterday I sprayed a couple of the last small pots and then got a lot of cone packs made. As you can see, I usually make enough for more than one firing. After dinner I made a cookie sheet full of wads while watching a movie. I use a high alumina wadding mix and reuse the wads for a couple of firings.
According to the Farmers Almanac, today is a day to plant above ground plants and transplant . We had a pretty good rain overnight, so I'm hoping it will be clear enough after breakfast so I can get out and start planting bush and pole beans and transplant the rest of the veggies and maybe some flowers.
We're looking forward to the French Open Tennis which starts around noon. I'll be watching in the studio while I glue wads to the pots.
Later we're going to Shane Mickeys for his Memorial day weekend barbecue. He's cooking so I'm just bringing a 6 pack, some chips and pickles and a frozen margarita to keep him cool while he slaves over a hot barbecue. :-)

Till later,


  1. Hey June,

    How'd you make out with the cone packs, good?

    Well I hope you enjoyed the BBQ. Betcha it was tasty huh, LOL.

    Oh, I sent you a cheesecake recipe from my family collection. Did you receive it yet. If not let me know.

    Have a swingin' memorial day.

    You're very kind. Indeed.

    Take care and blessings.

    Wishing you and Jim too all my best,

  2. Chris, I'm just way to busy to answer a lot of email. I can barely keep up with family correspondence and this blog.
    Hope you understand. Thanks!