Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penstemons on a rainy day

These beautiful penstemons came into bloom yesterday. They're a bit droopy this morning from all the heavy rain overnight. I love the dramatic two tone leaf color which makes an interesting contrast in the garden even when their short blooming phase is over. I have a few more volunteer seedlings to share if anyone in Bakersville and environs wants a couple.

Yesterday was one of those smorgasbord days - wadding pots, taking a hammer and chisel and doing a partial cleaning of the firebox, then off to John Britt's studio to drop off a couple of sprayers for his cone 6 soda firing, and on to a doctors appointment in Burnsville. Not only were all my test results great, but I lost almost 9 lbs last month. Must be all this garden and studio work. Who needs a gym membership when you have a garden and pottery!

We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant and headed home. When we got home I picked some strawberries (the birds and other critters actually left me a large handful).After unpacking my shopping bag full of vitamins, I did some computer file clean up, had a glass of wine and watched a basketball game (Orlando won in overtime). A good day.

Yesterday I thought I might start loading the kiln today; but since I want batch a bunch of glaze tests for this firing, need to vacuum out the kiln and redo the bag wall, I'm going hold off on loading for another day or two and weight out and dip test glazes. Usually I sieve each one but I think I'll just mix them in one of my old Oster blenders which has a one cup jar attachment that will be an easier cleanup than having to wash out a cup and sieve for each glaze. I'll fire over the weekend when there's no rain in the forecast.

Till later,

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  1. i love strawberries in our area we have blueberries. and for that snake thing i would run LOL. my ex got bit by rattlesnake a couple of years ago coming home from work and he was sick for 2 weeks. Ouch!